Hi, my name is Gary Szabo. Born and raised in Hungary; I’ve also lived in the UK and Nepal, but now settled down in New Zealand.

My first photography course was undertaken at age 12 in Miskolc.  I used to have a big Ex-USSR camera called Zenit (Зенит), I loved that!  We developed the black and white pictures in the lab on the same day when we were shooting them. I remember, we had to choose the ISO (sensitivity of the film or image sensor) at the shop when we were buying films. None of us had more than one lens.

I first won a photo competition and then had my own exhibition at age 13.

I love the outdoors; I’m amazed by mother nature every single time when I go out. The journey starts where the asphalt ends.

I love people. Photographers often find that events, – especially wedding photography, is really tiring and at times frustrating. For me it’s just an exciting chance to record the moment, the crowd of emotions, the atmosphere of the day. I love photographing people 🙂


My love of photography deepened a few years ago when I finally bought a decent digital SLR camera. However before then my family/friends will attest to my slight obsession with some landscapes – particularly sunsets/sunrise!

When possible, I join Gary on his shoots, as both assistant and additional photographer.
As we only got married in February it remains fresh in our minds and I feel this gives us a great edge for taking some lovely wedding photography and helping the special couple feel at ease. I tend to like the candid and artistic shots, however at HunPhotography we’re happy to cater for everyone’s individual tastes and preferences! As a Kiwi/Hungarian easy going couple that are widely-traveled, we love meeting and working with new people.

I love that photography is such an amazing way of capturing a special moment in time, getting those family photos you keep talking about getting, sharing a beautiful moment in nature and creating a sense that you were ‘there’ in the moment 🙂

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